Hello CanAm Club

Hello CanAm Club
4/17/01 6:43 pm

I haven’t been in here for awhile, not that I haven’t thought about this Club now and then. Today Todd and I got a green letter saying our paperwork is accepted for the Adjustment of Status. Just cost $345.00 for them to read our file and send a nice green letter back. Todd is happy but I’m not sure what I feel. I’ll have to find money to take the trip to Chicago to pick up the EAD which could have been mailed, in my opinion. A mere 26 months before we have the interview there together. If I want to spend another hundred dollars on advanced parole I might be able to go to my sister’s wedding.

Does anyone know how many times you can get parole and how long you can stay each time you get it? Could you stay half a year or would you have to get 6 paroles and stay a month each?

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