Heard from John in Hamilton

I forgot to mention that I heard from John yesterday. He seems to be getting things together. I don’t know if anything will happen as far as meeting him now. It’s gone on for so long and though things got in the way, it just seems that it may not be meant to be. Is that silly? I’m feeling discouraged about dating and all of that related stuff. Maybe I’m just not the right kind of person to be with anyone. I do like being alone. Most of the time. I miss some parts of having a man around and sex isn’t even on the list really. That will confuse the penis’s reading this. Wouldn’t they be surprised that I miss grocery shopping with a man more than I miss sex with a man. Men just don’t get it really. Or maybe I’m just reading all the wrong stuff.

Anyway, things with John are kind of drifting. I’d still like to meet him. But now there is all that build up and no where to go.

A crystal ball would be nice. This Christmas, instead of that usual and ever useful lump of coal, I think everyone should just give me a crystal ball instead. Then I could look ahead and see what I did right. Assuming something does come along that I get right.

Skye is back posting again. I think she escaped from somewhere. But, that’s just a rumour and we shouldn’t go spreading those around. I’m sure that new white jacket is just a co-incedence.

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