Have a Vibrant, Creative Blog with Simple Art you can Make Yourself

A blog needs to be visually appealing to stand out, attract and keep readers. The content, navigation and spelling alone don’t get noticed in that quick, first impression. Illustrations get noticed right away.

Of course, not everyone is an artist. Not everyone can draw or take time to learn to use graphic software. So most people borrow photographs and other images from other sites and people. Mostly everyone does it… kind of expected… even standard and sort of boring. Some of the images really have nothing to do with the post they are attached to. The image is just there for the sake of having an image. A place holder.

A great blog can do better. You can do better and, you don’t have to be a great artist or spend time learning anything complicated. You won’t need to spend money on new hardware or software (in most cases) either.

Here are ideas to get you started. With the following you can create a vibrant, unique and individual blog which will attract visitors to your blog.

If you have a digital camera get out there and take some photographs. Look at small things and see them up close and from different angels. Looks at groups and large quantities of things and photograph them. If you’re writing about building shelves, photograph one of the nails up close. Just put a white background (a sheet of paper works) behind the nail. Make sure you have enough light in the room and take the photo. Try a few at different angels and see which turns out best.

Scanner art is simple and straight forward too. Clip pictures from old magazines, advertising flyers. Turn them into a collage, arrange them on your scanner, use that same white sheet of paper over the top of your images before you scan. The white paper gives you an all white background, like a fill. Your image will be clean and ready to save for the web.

Hand drawn images will also work as scanned art. Draw a cartoon image. Use a real image, clip art, as inspiration. If you don’t feel comfortable with your drawing skills write out words in your own handwriting instead. Scan your drawing or your written words just as you did for the scanner art. Don’t forget the white paper as background.

Pixel art and ASCII art take some time to learn. Neither are really hard if you have some patience. Both will give you unique and creative images which no one else but you will have.

I have used all of these at one time. I continue to mix up ideas and create my own images. It doesn’t take a lot of time or effort. Of course, there is some time to learn the sills needed. However, you’re not making masterpieces to sell for millions, just an illustration for your blog.

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