Haunted Hamilton…

I’m about to send this link to Rainy Pete, on the small chance he hasn’t already found it. I’ve been thinking about John from Hamilton several times over this family holiday weekend. So Hamilton was on my mind here and there.

It’s interesting about meeting people online, especially if there is any thought about dating them or getting together face to face even just to have coffee and see who looks goofier. (Pete will look goofier than me, I’m a grrl afterall).

Things were going nicely with John earlier this year, even though we never did meet. I really began to believe. I began to believe several things which I will just leave at that. Anyway, here we are. I last heard from him July 18th when he left off saying he would email me next week, he was missing me and our chats and was still hoping we would meet, in person. Yes, he had some health concern which came up but he seemed to be handling things and I really did feel I could trust him, take him at his word. I have had so many disappointments with men online and offline but I did think John would be different. Hope springs eternally sentimental. But, I’ve heard nothing at all from him in over two months now.

I have tried to track him down online but no luck. Today I even did something kind of underhanded and tried to crack his email password. I just wanted to know if he is just another guy who never intends to write back or did he somehow become deceased. You can’t really find that out about a person you only know online. Kind of an eerie feeling.

Anyway, have you ever felt really connected to someone you only met online and how far would you go if you just stopped hearing from them? Would you not bother or would you feel concerned and want to know what happened to them?

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