Haunted Gingerbread House

You get the job of building a haunted gingerbread house for a contest in a foodie magazine. It has to be at least three stories high and about the width of the table you build it on. So you make the design, first on paper and then gradually and with much careful, detailed work, you build the gingerbread house. It turns out really well. The judges are in awe and you’re sure you will at least make it to be one of the finalists.

So you leave it overnight, for the final judging in the morning. You come back to make sure it’s all ok and give it any needed touch ups. It’s so early no one else has arrived and outside it is still fully dark.

There’s a weird mist over your gingerbread creation. It hovers over the whole thing until you take a step closer. Then it seems to get sucked inside the house, through the gaps you left as a front door and windows. Surely it can’t be… your haunted gingerbread house is really haunted. What kind of ghost haunts a gingerbread house?

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