Happy New Month

There’s a spider crawling up the wall right beside me. Kind of an omen for the month of Halloween. I didn’t mind the spider on the wall, I really don’t like when they go for the ceiling and think they are going to dangle over your head. So far he’s sticking to the wall, maybe he heard me.

It looks like this will be the month I move. I don’t want to post much about all of that cause it seems I have said and thought the same for ever so long, with no sign of progress.

I’m not feeling especially chatty tonight. Still not quite shaking off that cold/ flu thing. It’s so pretty when you cough up snot. How does that stuff get there in the first place. That’s the really icky part.

Tomorrow morning I will be taking the car to Canadian Tire to see what they have to say about the brake light coming on. Maybe it’s just low on fluid and there isn’t a leak. Yeah, and they’ll offer me a really great price on some tundra just a bit north of here. I’m going to get new wipers on the drive beast too. (My ex-husband came up with drive beast as a name for our car).

So, that’s how October is starting for me. Merry Month!

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