Happy Monday!

It was going to be a happy Monday but I ended up staying in today and trying to make this place look more like a home rather than something I’d take a picture of when I’m out looking at abandoned houses. I still have a living room half full of bags of stuff.

We found another bag stuck under the basement stairs at my Mom’s house. The books and assorted things in this bag included an old book: The Life and Adventures of Santa Claus, written by L. Frank Baum. I don’t know what it would have been worth, it was published in 1902 and this would have been one of those first editions as it came from a house which was torn down when my Mother was a little girl. It was her Aunt’s house and all those books were first editions and la-de-da back then. What a shame it is one of the worst damaged books.

I’m still making my list of books for the insurance. It’s taking up a lot of time. Kind of interesting to see other books by the authors which I hadn’t known about. I had a lot of books bought new and it had been awhile since I bought many others, not new anyway. Either way you can’t replace them except by paying the current price. I wonder how much the insurance will cover for them all. Might cover bills here for a month or so. That would be nice.

Roxanne’s birthday is this Sunday in Newmarket. I am thinking to go. We just had the party for her sister this past week but the girls have birthdays in the same month. Zack is October so they are all three really close when it comes to having parties. At least I don’t have to bring down anything. They have more toys than they play with already. She needs clothes that fit and are warm. But, no one seems to make sure she is wearing them when we do get them for her. So I will just attend and get a few more pictures to email my sister once I’m back here.

Doctor Who will be on tonight and I will be able to watch it now that I’m the only one here to care. I should make ‘must like science fiction’ a requirement when I’m thinking about datable men.

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