Happy Little Smileys

I like those little smiley graphics. I’ve stored plenty of them on my hard drive thinking to make a webpage of them some day. But, to what purpose? So, maybe I will delete them and give my hard drive a break.Meanwhile there are a ton of links out there, as I have discovered tonight. I’m listing them in a new smiley Dmoz category, slowly but eventually.

Creative Mistakes
“Creativity is allowing yourself to make mistakes. Art is knowing which ones to keep.” ~ Scott Adams ~

Sex KittenSex-Kitten.net ~ Home of playful, modern pin-up women

Yes, of course that’s me in the picture! 😀

Laura’s Room: Some feisty opinions, heartfelt thoughts, & fantasies from our Canadian grrl (you know they are secretly trying to rule the world!)

Cute description too. Gracie wrote it. So what do you think of my boudoir?

I’ve also been asked to write for another website, Marquis de Libertine. I’ve decided to do it but haven’t made any breath catching plans for what I will write. Sometimes the best stuff just pops into my head when I’m sitting with the keyboard and space to write.

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