Happy Day to all the Yellers and Whiners Too

The phone woke me up too early. I think I only slept four hours. Now I am planning the bus trek into work so I can be nice to people who phone to yell and whine at me all night. Not that all are like that, maybe not even a third are really ignorant. But, it just drags at your spirit having to listen to it all. I think the whiners are worse than the yellers, unless the yellers get obnoxious and especially ignorant.

Anyway, almost time to get going. I have to make some kind of plan to buy milk today. Will have to keep it with me at work all night till I get home. Can’t really jog around on the bus when it only comes once an hour on weekends it seems.

Happy Day to us all. Maybe I will get out of work early again tonight and catch the bus home instead of getting a taxi. Saves quite a bit. Especially if I get lucky like last night and the bus driver forgets/ doesn’t bother to mark my bus card. Was nice to get a free ride home last night. Even the bus was right there, waiting, at the terminal when I walked over.

PS- I only write these whiny comments on everyday life so that people in other countries who are conditioned or taught to believe that life in North America is all roses, cars and gift baskets will know what a load of hogwash that theory is, in reality. Silly how that old new world, streets paved with gold thing still hangs on after all these generations.

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