Happy Canadian Thanksgiving

We are having the dinner on Sunday (which is today, only a later time). It’s actually Thanksgiving on Monday here. Likely I will be too busy to post till after the whole thing. We are still up making pumpkin pies. We already made homemade bread, tons of vegetables cut up or pre-cooked, apple pies and other stuff which I can’t think of right now cause my brain is sleeping. Two capon chickens as Thanksgiving turkeys too. We cooked them early so we can have them done and just reheat them in foil pans with the gravy. It will save a lot of work the day of the dinner and give the capon extra time to marinade in gravy. Should be really nice. Mom had the idea from friends in Florida.

I’m going to bed soon. Just need to take some capon parts down to the freezer in the basement. Kind of like practice for hiding the body later, should I need to hide a body. Not like I’ve really had to do that yet, so far. You never know and it doesn’t hurt to be prepared and have a plan.

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