Happy Canada Day!

We saw a wild turkey and her chicks over the weekend. On a drive through Crab Orchard Park, on our way out, I spotted something moving on the road ahead. I was pretty sure it was a turkey but Todd first thought it could be a skunk. I drove as slow as I could, hoping we would get a good look before they took off into the bushes. We did. Not as good as I would have liked of course. It was Todd who first noticed that she had chicks. What a shame we weren’t ready with a camera to get pictures.

I’m still not sure when I will be moving. I was so sure it would be this week. My Mom told me she would come down with the truck on Monday (today) if no one else had. But now she seems to think Graham will come down sometime this week, maybe. It’s hard to live like this. I don’t think they have clue how it feels to be packed up and waiting and being put off again each week. I want to go home, to see Zack. I miss that little boy and I know he is looking forward to seeing me too. We always do nice things together. I do my best to make sure he isn’t left out, I know how that can feel.

I got my period yesterday so that’s my red and white for Canada Day I guess. Todd is going to honk after work tonight and I’m going to get some ice cream at the Farm Fresh store down the street. A treat for Canada Day and Aunt Flo. (Todd started calling my period “a visit from Aunt Flo” when we were first together. I guess its a little nicer than “on the rag” which is from my brother).

I finally got the book review done for HerCorner. Why do I procrastinate so much on doing those? Sure, its hard to find something new to say each time and hard to do it for 300 to 500 words but I did get reviewers copies for quite a few books and now I’m way behind in doing them all. Just one more thing I have to organize and settle when I move.

I know my Mom is expecting me to stay there with them for awhile but I’m beginning to think that could be a mistake. I don’t know what else to do though. I won’t have a car and I’ve been spending my divorce settlement money on things I should wait to buy later. Urrrgh! Can I never just get past this same point in my life? I always seem to end up right back here no matter what I do. I’m always moving after a failed something or other. When will I ever have a place to call home.

I bought a book yesterday. It’s a bit of all all in one from Peach Pit Publishing – JavaScript for the World Wide Web by Tom Negrino and Dori Smith. It includes some basic CSS and DHTML as well. I was looking at another book for those maybe this will be enough. I did want to learn javascript at some point too. It’s part of learning Lotus Notes/ Domino so I guess it could all come together if I take that course or study on my own and get certified.

Well, I should be getting other things done. My Mom was going to email me to let me know the latest.

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