Halloween Before Christmas

Has anyone else but me realized how co-ordinated Halloween and Christmas are? Think about it. One holiday is all holy and polite and traditional and good will to all man and give the women an overload of work. The other holiday is all about causing trouble, being mischievious, eating candy, knocking on doors to get more candy, dressing up as spooky or slutty things (depending on your age and gender, or whatever… lets not get technical).

It’s very good timing that Halloween comes first. People get rid of their evil thoughts and pent up energy so they can settle down and be good little girls and boys for Christmas. Can you imagine someone getting it backwards and acting like it was Halloween at Christmas time? Some goofball dressing up as Zombie, the Snowman, Vampy Claus or Witcherella the Angel. They’d be soaping windows and spraying shaving cream on cars cause no one would be ready for trick or treating. You know… this is starting to sound like something HappyandBlue would do. If you live in his town be warned.

Of course, there is always someone who will try to put Christmas in Halloween. Like those Grinches who tried to get Halloween banned completely. What kind of a sour puss or tight ass do you have to be to want to bann Halloween? No one thinks of it as a devil worshipping festival (except that guy back there in the last row, skulking out before anyone sees him now), sheesh… get over it.

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