Hair, But No Clouds in My Coffee

coffeehairgrrlBlogging is a full time job. I don’t run ads on my blog so it’s not like I’m spamming my way to fortune (snicker) but I do seem to spend a long part of my evening (and day) here doing nothing. Nothing much that anyone would notice. Tonight I’ve been on Flickr for at least an hour, easily. I discovered another new site that lets you create your own portal which might be useful once I get the hang of it. I was on MyBlogLog and wondering how much use it will be once Yahoo really gets a grip on it. I forget what else I poked around at. Reading a few blogs, some Technorati and checking for two links which have mysteriously become bust this week. (I’m hoping they are coming back after the end of the month when bandwidth arises again like the phoenix from it’s own ashes).

On top of all that there is a damned hair in my coffee. I know it’s my own hair. I drank it anyway. I let the hair cling to the side of the mug and I ignored the little trouble maker. Do you go into full panic if there is a hair in your food? I knew someone who couldn’t eat something if it had a hair in it, even when it was their own hair. It didn’t bother me all that much. I know where it’s been afterall. I even know what brand of lovely smelling shampoo I used this morning.

Anyway, I’m glad to have coffee again, even the hairy kind. I had to go without this past week when finances were sadly depleted and I ran out of all my coffee making necessities at about the same time. So now, coffee is back in my life. Goodie for me.

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