Guest Post: Best Ways to Ignite Your Imagination for Writing

Best Ways to Ignite Your Imagination for Writing

You’re sitting there staring at the keyboard. Your wheels are turning but you are going nowhere fast. Writer’s block happens to the best in the business. The trick to recovering and igniting that spark of imagination needed to finish or begin a task is elusive at best. What worked for some may not work for others; you may be left trying anything and everything you can to get it going again. This is not the end of the world unless your deadline is just around the corner, then you have to take drastic measures. One thing is for certain the more you try to force it the worse it will become.

You can try everything including throwing in the kitchen sink, as one notable life coach was quoted as saying, and you still find yourself stuck. This is the time that you should back off. Walk away from the computer and just relax. Do something fun or different, just try and make it something that has absolutely nothing to do with the project you are working on. Try being creative in other mediums that you are less familiar with or are mentally taxing and see where it takes you. Heck, bake a cake, sketch, listen to your favorite songs and dance until you drop.

There are those who find that reading something from several different genres can provide that jolt to the imagination that is sorely needed. Meditation does it for others. Sometimes what happens is that your brain simply refuses to go in the direction you choose for a moment. So reset it by letting it wander a bit. That’s right, it may sound a bit far fetched but as a writer this seems to be the only explanation that makes sense. The mind is a remarkable organ that can sometimes gets tired of doing what it is we are overtaxing it with. It just needs a little rest sometimes.

Scenic drives and a visit to an arboretum can be very helpful. Bottom line, do something that is so totally out of character for you so that it becomes a catalyst for inspiration. Focusing on something else has worked time and time again for many professional creatives to be one of the best ways to begin the flow of thought. Let it go and just go about the day as if you do not need to get back to it. Go for a walk and observe the world around you. Watch the natural passage of time and how the people around you interact with their world. If a great idea comes to you run with it!

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