Grrl Domain

I looked at my site this morning, felt that tug of webgrrl pride and wanted to find some way of expressing that. I remember seeing webrings for grrls with their own domains. Are any still active or is there something beyond the webring now?

Grrl Nrrd Webring

Est. 1997, Grrl Nrrd is for women with fabulous web pages full of content and great html. A full range of women have joined since 1997 including those with journal sites to pages about Lynux.

Her Domain of Austin

To encourage and support women who embrace the culture and technology of the Internet as a vehicle for creative and professional pursuits. Her Domain is an online community. As subscribers to the Her Domain email list, women in the Austin and surrounding areas help each other to find jobs, find employees, compare notes on their respective trades, and learn from each other in an unintimidating environment.

NOTE: Too bad it’s only local. This is a super site, cute too. Could I find time to do something like that here or would I even find enough her domain types this far north of Toronto?





Still haven’t found what I was looking for. But there are some good grrl domains out there. Once upon a time I had It was hijacked and not very likely I will get it back again. It’s been more than two years now. Besides, is a touch of Canadian. 🙂

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