Grief and Soap Opera Fans

romanceToday is the start of the last week for All My Children, the soap opera.

I’ve been reading some of the posts by fans, some are very upset about the end of the show. I’m sad watching it too. I remember Another World being cancelled and watching that final, last ever episode. It was hard to see the last of so many people (long time and well loved fictional characters feel like people) I had grown up with. People I had watched with my Mother and Grandmother. Another World had become a tradition, something I did not expect to end.

Next, One Life to Live will be ending in January. Two long running family shows coming to an end. It’s quite a lot to lose in a few months, for loyal viewers. There has been talk about the soap operas continuing online. I don’t know if I will watch, or if I even can view them. I can’t watch the yesterday’s show videos on the ABC site so I’m not expecting that Prospect Park will work for me either.

What do you think about soap operas, fans and the strong links between them? Does it seem silly, over blown? Overly dramatic? Or have you been a fan yourself and feel sadness/ grief over the loss of your soap opera?

I think some people watching the end of their soap operas will need some extra help getting through this time. Maybe even grief counselling. If you read the forums, Twitter posts and such you can hear how painful this is for people.

Write about grief over something, the soap operas if you are a fan, something else if you are not a soap fan. 


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