Grandma Betty’s Banana Bread

I’m making banana bread today. It’s one of the best things about bananas. Anyway, I searched for recipes, just to see if there was something new to try. I came across one called Grandma Betty’s Banana Bread and I thought it would be old fashioned, with buttermilk and all those good things. Instead it consisted of a yellow cake mix with bananas added to it. That’s all. Pretty sad case for Grandma Betty. Why did they even put that recipe on the site?

I’m going to make the cake now. I’m adding sour milk (milk with a little vinegar – it’s how you make buttermilk for a recipe when you didn’t get to the store) and chunks of candied ginger and raisins.

Have a great day. See you at the wine tasting tonight if you’re in town.

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