Goals Like Jigsaw Puzzles

It’s not easy coming up with a goal when someone asks you what your goal is. Unless you recently decided on a goal and feel good about it, goals change and need to be updated. Some goals seem too far into the future, too hard to attain or just not reasonable for whatever reasons. Even a goal you don’t think you can try for, is still a goal of sorts. You may feel more like a dreamer than someone thinking of a practical goal.

How about thinking of attaining the goal as a jigsaw puzzle. You know how a jigsaw puzzle looks once it is completed, all those jagged, curved and twisted pieces fitted together. Each piece connected, each piece fitting into place.

Instead of looking directly at the piece of the puzzle which is the goal, look at the piece beside it. Then the piece above it or a couple of pieces over to the left and below it. Chances are your goal has connections to other things, other elements and parts which you could aim for first.

What could you work on today to help you connect to your goal? There is less pressure to reach your goal if you aim for something connected to it but you also get closer, a better connection, to your goal. You may even change your goal or find a new path to getting there. Give yourself a chance.

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