Go Car-less

Do you wish we had horses instead of cars?

I think I’d like a pair of those huge Clydesdales. In their spare time they can munch grass. No more lawn mowing or worrying about weeds. Actually, you could plant your whole lawn in clover and the horses would love it. I’ve read you can’t use horse manure in the garden though. Only sheep, cow or bird dung will do. But, when have I let good advice keep me from trying something. (Notice, that was not a question).

What kind of horse would you pick? Maybe something sporty and fast? Some people would settle for nothing less than a pure bred. I’d prefer a horse mutt, if there are such things. Likely there are. I suppose wild horses are a type of horse mutt. No one keeps track of where (or who) they’ve been around.

Of course, horses don’t have the horse power of modern cars. On the bright side, think of how few traffic accidents there would be. You can’t wrap your horse around a tree, even if you try, the horse just isn’t as stupid as you are. Horse transport would be great for drinkers and drivers, once the horse knew the way home no one would need to bother taking your keys away from you. Not that you’d have keys. Just a feed bag to keep the horse from getting completely bored while waiting outside for you.

Horses would be a bonus on the environment too. No more pollution from cars. They would even be much easier to get rid of when they die. Just dig a big hole and push them in. No worries about disposing of hazardous waste. Just all natural ingrediants, fully recyclable. Digging the hole would be the only hard part. But, that’s the sort of thing we have men and kids for. Just suggest the kids dig to China (show them a globe of the world if possible) then let hubby ‘fix’ the hole later. Of course, women can dig too, we just don’t have to.

So, scrap your car today. Think of all the money you will save on gas, insurance and general bank suckingness.

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