Glynis has Word Triggers

This post comes from Glynis, her post about using word triggers. I thought it was a great idea.

Sometimes sitting in the vineyards lets me down, my mind cannot grasp the concept that I want it to generate words and get them into a formatted paragraph. In order to shake off this block, I have a method that works 100% for me.

I write a word, for example, as I am sitting in the hills I might write the word:


I then write anything that I connect with that word:


I then put the two together with an adjoining word, it never matters that it does not make sense.

Tree and Bird

I continue adding anything that pops into my head:

Tree and Bird, fly up sky, cloud with rain, sun and weather, winter ends summer, seasons come and go.

I will continue this list until a word triggers my writing again or a rhythm builds.

On her post Glynis came up with a whole rhyme for this. Have a look.

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