Glass Handles/ Pulls for a Set of Drawers

GOhandles on Etsy.

One of the handles on my dresser broke. I’ve had the handles replaced once since I got the dresser and matching bedside table/ dresser. The handles I had on it for years were nice looking but plasticy. So, I wanted to find something I would like better this time.  But, not something that would outshine the dressers. Plain but not dull. I’m trying to picture how these handles would look. I may not like them at all if they look cheap. Or, I might love them if they look sort of antique and a little rustic. Being glass, I will be able to see all the carving on the dresser drawers, nothing will be covered up. So, I wrote to ask for a photo of them (on a dresser) from the seller. I’m going to need ten, plus a small knob. I think I will like them.