Glam Tests

You’re a pear-cut diamond!
You’re outspoken and adventurous, and much like the arresting pear-shape diamond, you epitomize today’s definition of femininity with edge. The rock’s striking shape and complex facets echo your daring personality and symbolize a complementary cut for the contemporary woman. Its sparkling teardrop shape also rocks powers that can lengthen and slenderize fingers.

December: Blue Topaz

December dames looking to improve their fortune or protect themselves from evil can turn to their blue-topaz birthstone. Along with helping to bring in the bucks and ward off all things undesirable, this stunning stone is believed to turn wants and dreams to reality, help you to be well-spoken, and unite the mind, body, and spirit—and look fabulous while doing it. FYI: Turquoise is your backup birthstone.

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