Give Away your Toolbox

4) Display Your Toolbox

If done right, a tools/resources page can really rev up your earnings.

Why?  Because it’s easier to convert with affiliate marketing when you actually use the products.

Also, many of your readers are naturally curious about what tools/services you use for your site or niche anyway.

via Tips on Making Money From a WordPress Website / Blog.

Pretty smart idea. Especially if you have an affiliate link to sell the tools you use, like your blog theme or template. I don’t use anything paid right now. But, I could have set up Thesis as an affiliate link and could yet do so if I go back to using Thesis.

The toolbox idea is still good because as web publishers and writers we love to know what others are using, what works for them. Those are the type of post I will almost always stop to read when I notice them on another site.

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