Getting There

Maybe I’m just too… something (not lazy) but I keep looking for loopholes when it comes to really buckling down and learning the raw code and how to write it all myself. Same for learning Paint Shop Pro, after all it’s such a massively big and complex looking thing. But, today I am downloading The GIMP instead of working with PSP which I really should be doing, instead of wimping out on it.

Still, whatever gets you there… if you get there, on time and in one piece, can’t be all bad. Right?

Of course, The GIMP is open source/ freeware and I know that is part of it for me. I do like to keep using and promoting the good freeware programs out there. It does bother me that so many people are here just to make a buck and they really don’t care about much beyond that. I admire those who work with open source and distrubte their software as freeware. I really do need to get on the ball and make a list of all the open source and freeware programs I especially like. That would be a good list of links to have in this blog sidebar. I will get to it, I will, really I will. Maybe this week even, right after I get to all the other things on my ever growing (I think it growled at me over the weekend when I ignored it) list.

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