Getting Organized and Spring Cleaning

It’s not quite Spring yet it seems every magazine I pick up is talking about clutter and getting organized. Just too early for Spring cleaning. Or do they think we are a bunch of slobs?

The best way to make yourself organize stuff is to have a major life change and move. Once you start packing it all into boxes and hauling it around you get to see just how much stuff you really have. Plus, a change in your life makes a lot of stuff you were keeping suddenly not as interesting or useful to keep. Think divorce. After a divorce there are all kinds of resorting of your priorities.

I’ve got the new bed set up but need to move the furniture around again. Decide where things will go now that I have the futon to be a sofa/ couch sort of creature. I’ve been wishing I had one. Nice to watch TV at night and not be sitting in front of the computer cause it’s either that or the kitchen table and chairs which aren’t comfortable for sitting very long either. You need a boneless place to sit, where you can sink down and get comfortable instead of sitting straight and not having anywhere cozy to put your feet.

I’m giving myself the deadline of this weekend, Sunday, to get all the organizing done. Good luck to me. Happy Spring!

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