Get Your Handyman

I noticed a job post for someone to write Twitter posts for a handyman service. They asked people to submit 5 tweets as examples. The content could be anything you deemed appropriate for the site/ service.

What would you write? This is what I am sending in. Maybe it is too commercial and too much of sales copy for what they would like. But, I don’t see the point of advertising a service to the world at large unless you can do it with email or some other digital media.

  • Need someone good with their hands in Queensland? Call Fallon Services for your handyman. We’ve got the right tools.
  • Has your TV antennae fallen and can’t get up? Call Fallon Services in Queensland. We can fix it!
  • Sprung a leak? Have a drip you can’t get rid of? Call Fallon Services, Queensland. Handyman and plumbers.
  • Getting a bit hot under the collar? Call Fallon Services, Queensland. Let us get your air conditioner working.
  • Need some electrical work done? Tidy up your wiring? Call Fallon Services, Queensland. Let us zap your problem.

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