Get Artsy Crafty

This is the blog I am writing with the Twolia network. The blog is about creative arts and crafts. There are all kinds of interesting ideas from paper doll chains to crocheted flowers, Inukshuks and digital scrapbooking. I’m mainly looking for small craft ideas which have been forgotten as we grow up and get too busy. I like simple things that can make you feel you used some skill, learned something new and interesting and have something uniquely you at the end to show for it all.

What are some simple crafts or unusual art forms which you have encountered, found interesting or tried yourself? If it is something you could stick with and do as a hobby would you or did you? It’s great to have something you create yourself. DIY! Even if you are all thumbs or can’t draw or can’t this or can’t that, try something.

Let me know what you try. Post about it to your own blog, with a photo if possible.

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