Germinating Stages for Topical Blogs

I’ve had it in my mind to write about a another topic in a new blog, or a column for another site, something like that. Yesterday I thought of a really great title. But… it isn’t practical to start another project right now.

Getting ideas and wanting to start them is great, but you have to know you can back it up and have time, energy and resources to stick with it. Right now I don’t.

One thing which is overlooked is coming up with a list of possible topics to write about. Can you make a list of 50? If not, reconsider your topic/ niche. Yes, fifty sounds like a lot but consider making a post each week for 52 weeks (one year) does it still sound like a lot? If you can’t create enough content ideas (not full posts just the idea for them) for a year wait until you can.

Also, for a topical blog you will need to put a lot of time into finding readers before you can try to keep them. That means promoting the blog and that takes  a LOT of time. Most of it on little things. You need to build your molehill into a mountain. Having several posts ready to go ahead helps a lot as you will be low on time for the writing while you are putting it into promoting.

If I write a column for someone else I won’t need to plan how the site will look or navigate really. The site I write for will already have it’s own design in use. However, writing for another site means I have to research the site and decide if it is a site I want to be part of. Does it get traffic and readers? Does it run a ton of ads and do they overshadow the content? If so, that’s not a site where you will really be able to shine. If they claim to pay, do they? Really?

Starting a project online is pretty easy. Maintaining it is where the real work comes in. If you can’t maintain your great idea put it off awhile.

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