Geek Girl Problems

Found as a hashtag on Twitter – #GeekGirlProblems

What is a Geek Girl problem you may wonder? According to the posts on Twitter they include:

  • Finding a Buffy and Spike wedding cake topper.
  • Wanting white hair like Storm in X-Men.
  • Locating or making DIY designer bookcases.
  • Trainer at the gym might be a Cylon.

Most are about fictional characters… is that all there is to Geek Girls? I think not!

Come up with a list of real Geek Girl problems. Something you could write into a story or write a story around.

My ideas:

  • Twitter’s a fail but it’s the only place you jotted down the site link about a new way to colour your hair.
  • Your Mother wants to borrow your computer, you’ll have to teach her how to use Linux, again.
  • It’s your birthday and the restaurant you love has a free dinner coupon for birthdays. You have no printer ink.

Extra Resources:

You can set up Punky Moods on your blog (see the image with this post).

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