Four Things: The Meme in the Skye

Four Jobs You’ve Had in Your Life

Small business mastermind.
Magazine company circulation underling.
Creating real estate flyers.
General office nobody.

Four Movies You Could Watch Over and Over

Chitty Chitty Bang Bang
The Princess Bride
Pirates of the Caribbean or The Pirate Movie
Moulin Rouge (maybe, I might get sick of it)

Four Places You’ve Lived

North York, Ontario in an apartment with massive echo ability.
Grew up in Scarborough, almost on Lake Ontario in an area that was Port Union once upon a time.
Farms in the Kincardine and Hanover areas before we settled in Scarborough.
The Dominican Republic and southern Illinois. Yes, that’s more than four, I like to brag. 😛

Four TV Shows You Love to Watch

I used to watch The Gilmore Girls, Juding Amy and that one about the blackjack dealer (Zoie?) who took over her sister’s kids. But, now we only have one TV channel.
Sometimes I watch All My Children and Guiding Light, but a little goes a long way.
I like Cold Case cause it’s a murder mystery with a lot of sentimentalness. I usually bawl at the end when they show the blonde lady seeing the ghost.
I’ve started watching Medium and The Ghost Whisperer which is almost the same show as the Medium. Medium may be better cause she isn’t a skinny girl with a perfect life.

Four Blogs You Visit (Sort of Almost) Daily

The Skye’s the Limit.
The Useless Men.
I have started reading FoilWoman too.

Four of Your Favorite Foods

Ice cream
Cabbage Rolls, perogies, Mexican, chinese and really fresh salad. I couldn’t decide on just four.

Four Places You’d Rather Be

On a golden (though very comfortable) throne, ruling the world. Telling everyone how to do things the right way, or at least better. I would let HappyandBlue2 be an advisor since he’s omnipotent. Skye would take all the pictures cause this meme was on her blog.
Driving a brand new car, road map on the seat beside me, a backpack on the floor of the passenger seat and a sleeping bag in the back seat. A man servant in the trunk.
On a beach picking up interesting pebbles and rocks. I don’t care that it’s winter.
In an abandoned house, finding forgotten treasures like posy bowls, weird art, iron keys and a sense of the people who built the house and spent their lives there. No creatures with teeth or claws.

Four Albums You Can’t Live Without

I live without any albums. I own exactly none. Now, if you were talking software…

Four Vehicles You’ve Owned

I’ve only owned two – a 1993 Ford Tempo and a 1993 Toyota Camry. 1993 was a good year. 🙂

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