Formatting Matters!

I started reading this and liked the rhymes. I would have read more, probably right to the end, but the formatting (a block of solid text) put me off. I skipped down and read some lines from the middle and then around the end. What a shame the writer didn’t take the time to format their work and make it easier to read.

I tried and failed. I couldnt prevail. My path derailed. In my own fairytale. I couldnt see what I needed to see. All this time you were misguiding me. Here I thought you were setting me free. But I was to blind to see reality. I heard your voice clear as day. When I saw you walk my way. I wanted to leave but you begged me to stay. For so long I stood at your side. Not knowing I was,building my own prison to,hide. Blinded I was so filled with pride. I was dieing and that I denied. I wanted so bad to stop this bleeding. To heal a scar that was never leaving. To wrap real love around this wound. Leave this world I will real soon. When I am gone dont call my name. I will ignore you as you did the same. Will you see the tears I cried or closely feel my pain. All the lies are just a bloodful stain. It scars me, a good girl I cant maintain. I look at you hate runs through my vains. Why couldnt I brake free before? Oh, thats right cause I was the one you adored. I was scared a bit paranoid. I thought that I loved you but truly what it was. I was looking for someone to love. This heart that I hold loses control. It confuses emotions and, of what it ought to know. Faliur is powerful when you feel its your fault. The world can tell you different. Yet you tell them to hault. Corruption of the heart, mind and soul. Trying I was but this is unbearable to hold. Will you die mentally? Will you stay traped, when I brake free? Will you feel what you did to me? Do you feel anything? I doubt it, just like everything. I guess this it I’ll take my leave. Thnxx again for nothing.

via Thnxx For Nothing on PNN.

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