For Lack of a Human Touch the World is Lost

In the medical field lack of human touch could save lives and yet cause some patients to lose hope or feel alone. Terminal patients need humans care and yet it’s not an easy job to care for someone as they die. Infants have failure to thrive listed as a reason for death. How much of that is just lack of human touch, a feeling of being cared for, wanted?

“Do more patients require examination?” Sophia asks.

“Not for now,” answers the MediController. “Go switch off for a while.”

Simulated Physician Helper 1A, known to controllers as SoPH1A, returns to the recharging bay with the other HumanTouch MediBots, and powers herself down.

via Zoe Goodacre: My Name Is Sophia. I Am Not Your Nurse [100 Words Into The Future] – Forbes.

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