For BlogTO

I emailed about writing for BlogTO and they emailed back, interested. They asked what sort of posts I would contribute to the site. I could have come up with more but this is the reply I sent this afternoon. Posting it here just to amuse you.

I have a lot of interests in art, history and culture. I have been taking photos of abandoned farmhouses but I really like old buildings in general. I’m looking forward to getting pictures of old buildings in Toronto, derelict, run down or not. Union Station is high on my list. I have some of the photos I have done on Flickr. Most urban explorers want to get inside tunnels and such but I prefer the outside of the building. Besides, it is too dangerous to go into ruined farmhouses where the floor has partially caved in.

I have been looking at local (Toronto) groups for my personal interests, as well as the urban explorations groups I have found groups for postcard collectors, crochet and crafters, illustrators and others which I can’t think of right now. I’m also interested in women in small or home businesses. I attempted to begin one myself last year but plans fell through, mainly a money thing. I like history, inventive and odd art forms. I’m not into music other than whatever comes on the radio. I really like small publishing. I attended CanZine in October even though I arrived far too early. (I thought it would take me a lot longer to get there).

Other than that I don’t know what will come along. I’m not a heavy duty planner. I am writing a bit about technology and creativity for LockerGnome. I have a personal blog which is more like a scrapbook of junk with scattered journal posts. I like to meet people and hope to get out doing something each week. I’m job hunting right now so it has to be freebie events for now. 🙂 I enjoy cultural events and now that I am down here I will find more along the lines of the German Xmas thing which I know is coming up soon.

Hope I fit in somewhere. I would really like to be a part of BlogTO. It would be a great way for me to get to know the city and not let myself be too shy about getting out socially. I can blab with anyone but at times I am a bookworm at heart.

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