Folgers Coffee is Yuck!

I tried Folgers yesterday. Brewed it up last night, it was even French Vanilla which is usually my favourite when I find it somewhere. But this just tastes awful. I’m not sure there is actual coffee in there. Likely they found someother substance to grind up and dye to appear like actual coffee.

It says: “mellow and smooth with an unmistakable vanilla flavour.” I did smell vanilla when I poured the first water over the grounds. It was gone when I drank the coffee.

I am going to see if I can return it. I still don’t have coffee this morning/ afternoon. I didn’t really and truly want to go out today but I think I am going to be forced out into the cold for coffee supplies. Besides, I do need to get to the bank and get the February bus pass.

Poor me! lol

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