Flickr: Handwritten Blogs

Flickr: Handwritten Blogs

There is a new thing to try. Maybe on Sunday. Too tired tonight. Might be meeting someone before I go into work. Have to get to the bank so I can pay my taxi fare to get home from work for the rest f the work week. It costs an extra dollar to use the debit machine in the cab and the fare each night is expensive enough.

I had another review tonight. One down and one still outstanding with the quality patrol thing. It is starting to get me down, well no, it did that already. Last week I was really annoyed and down and job weary. I think I am better today. Maybe I can just let go and be fake as they seem to want (in spite of what they say).

I hate being fake and lying though. Yet every job I have it ends up being the same story. People want you to lie to them.

Going to bed. Night night.

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