Fleeing on Foot?

It’s suddenly become a stormy day outside here. Tornado like winds. I will check the news online to see if I actually need to be worried. I love the wind. I love the power of it and the drama. I love it’s connection to nature and the elements.

But, what do people do if they are at home during one of those disasters (like in the movies) if they don’t have a car? In the movies about disasters there is always at least one scene where they show traffic all congested on a bridge, highway and etc. Everyone has packed into their car to flee. But, what about someone home alone, no car in the driveway. Maybe the car is in the shop or their is just one car per family or they just can’t afford the insurance rates and rely on the city bus. What do those people do in the event of a natural disaster when everyone else is fleeing madly?

Write about someone facing a tornado without a car to pack their valuables and loved ones into. How do they prepare or do they still try to escape on foot, maybe horseback if they live in a rural area.

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