Fixer Upper Yourself to New Ideas

My nephew is 14 and into the habit of pulling things apart. He doesn’t always put them back together again, which is a nuisance at times. If you need a flashlight chances are there will be some assembly required.

It is interesting to see how things work, however. Simple mechanical things like a ball point pen, a soap dispenser, the aforementioned flashlight are interesting when you take a closer look. As I put the flashlight back together I thought of how the parts worked together to turn on a tiny light bulb. Each part was needed, in the right place, at the right time.

The task of fixing that flashlight had me thinking of so many ideas for writing topics. I think I made contact with the left (the more logical) side of my brain. Maybe the right side gets too much credit. The left had some great observations, plans and ideas.

Spend some time with the other side of your brain. (Maybe you’re already a leftie). Try some minor home repairs if you don’t want to play with pens and flashlights.

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