Fixed my WordPress List Formatting Glitch

I’ve made a few list posts, mostly bullet style. The problem was the formatting, all my points were crammed together in a solid block of text. It made the post kind of unsightly and not very easy (or desirable) to read. If I tried to add a space it would try to make it my next bullet. So the choice was to leave it as a block of text or have extra bullets between each point. Neither was a great option. So, this morning I began looking for a way to fix it.

It turned out the problem was my Thesis theme. I spent the morning trying to find a solution to fix it with a WordPress plugin (thinking it must be a common problem and a glitch they had overlooked in the last update) and then realized I was looking at the wrong software. Once I started looking into Thesis I made progress. Here is the code I added to my custom CSS in Thesis. It worked! The margin-bottom is now set to leave a 1em space between each point.

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