Fix That Bad Boy

I think it’s odd how much comment spam I get about drugs for sexual dysfunction. Yes, I’m divorced and not dating but that doesn’t mean I’m like a cat in heat or a dried up spinster. I’m just fine, thanks for asking.

Actually, sometimes I’m kind of evil. I like daydreaming about men as sexual submissives, the situations they get into which bring them low. Today I was thinking of a group of women who bet each other their boyfriends will cheat, if given the opportunity. One woman stands up for her man. Of course, she loses that bet. Not because I think so little of men but because it makes a much more interesting story if the boyfriend isn’t an angel.

He gets picked up and taken back to “her place”. Once there the woman ties him to the bed frame and then, when he is stuck, she lets him know about the wicked plot. Also, just for fun… your girlfriend is coming over and is she ever peeved with you!

Can you see it in your mind? The scene, the set up and the consequences the boyfriend may suffer? Could you write it? Or would that be just too sinfully delicious?

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