Five Things About You…

I found this on an adult blog, now you can’t say you were completely surprised.

Five things I like about myself:

  1. Imagination.
  2. Creativity.
  3. Inventiveness.
  4. Optimistic.
  5. Common sense.

Five things I don’t like about myself:

  1. Not organized.
  2. Tend to skim more than I should.
  3. Procrastination.
  4. My middle toe on my left finger.
  5. My left finger on my middle toe. (Botched brain surgery).

Five things I wish for:

  1. A bottomless, never ending bank balance.
  2. A man servant, to keep everything fixed and just generally look good around the place. Part time chauffeur too. Maybe some accounting.
  3. A robot man for conversation. Can you imagine talking to someone who not only reads everything but remembers it too. What a great reference tool for the home office! I would definitely like one of those.
  4. The ability to shapeshift, so I could fly with the birds or swim with the sharks.
  5. My perfect little house with a big yard, maybe a whole forest and a beach all around it. No mortgage.

Five things I don’t wish for:

  1. A runny nose.
  2. Split ends.
  3. Yet more grey hair or those pesky chin whiskers.
  4. Falling down a flight of stairs, hitting my head on the tile floor and slowly bleeding to death while one of those infomercials is all I can see on TV.
  5. Typos and world peach.

Five things I would change:

  1. Baby diapers, they get pretty gross if you don’t change them.
  2. My clothes. Kind of along the same diaper reason.
  3. My mind. Frequently to the point of madness.
  4. I would invent the time machine now, rather than 3 years and six months from now. I could use it to tell myself this, but I haven’t invented it yet.
  5. The death penalty, I’d like to see it back in action for those that don’t respect life.

Five things I have learned to appreciate:

  1. Changing my mind.
  2. Word processing versus old fashioned typewriters.
  3. Second hand bookstores and other thrift stores, flea markets, etc.
  4. Cars with brakes, especially when I’m the driver.
  5. Being able to let go of the past rather than hang onto it waiting for someone to say they’re sorry or admit they were wrong. Now I just have to do it. 🙂

Five things that interest me:

  1. Digital art.
  2. Road trips.
  3. Web design and CSS.
  4. Home business.
  5. Men that actually care about people.

Five talents I have:

  1. Writing.
  2. Singing in the car.
  3. Talking to people, ignoring feelings of shyness or terror.
  4. Laughing.
  5. ASCII art.

Five favorite things:

  1. Family
  2. My computer.
  3. The hope chest my Grandfather made.
  4. Being able to write and publish online.
  5. Me.

Five secret desires:

  1. That whole endless money thing, not so secret though.
  2. Travel to Russia, South American and all those other countries I’d love endless time and limitless funds to explore and really see.
  3. A robot/ man servant type guy and then a real human guy to actually care about and share life with.
  4. To rule the world, my way.
  5. A genie in a bottle offering me three wishes. I have that whole scenario all planned out. I’d get him but good!

Five self truths:

  1. I am pretty amazing and it never goes to my head.
  2. I can let go of some things and the world will not explode.
  3. I can take charge of some things and the world will not explode.
  4. I can try again with the whole dating thing and not work so hard on building that robot man.
  5. I can create anything. So what if it blows up?

Five lies I have told:

  1. I don’t mind.
  2. Yes Mom, I’ll call when I get there.
  3. No Mom, I didn’t break it.
  4. No, I didn’t forget.
  5. Of course I’ll remember.

Five silly things:

  1. HappyandBlue2
  2. paper umbrellas
  3. wishful thinking
  4. dating
  5. elections

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