Five Reasons to Draw Small

Five Reasons To Draw Small

1. Doodling focuses your mind, giving you increased attention (even when it looks like you’re not).

2. You’ll increase your awareness- when doodling flowers, you’ll start to notice more aspects of a flower, the way that the stem tilts the flower, the way that the same petal shape varies with each single stem.

3. You’ll create your own style, a visual vocabulary, a way of drawing shapes and lines that is uniquely your own.

4. You’ll feel more relaxed. And creative blocks will melt away when you’re not under pressure to create something nice. The small scale makes it easier to detach from results and enjoy the sensation of making lines and circles and little faces or flowers.

5. You’ll have a bunch of small sweet drawings that will give you a feeling of satisfaction.

via 31 Days of Doodling: Creating Creative Characters | Katanaville.

I especially like drawing and doodling as a way to notice small things like the flowers written about above. It is surprising how much attention to details you get when you begin to draw something versus writing about it. Not only how does it look but what can you do to make it look that way on paper?

Try some doodling next time you feel stuck in what you are writing.

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