Fiction Language Becomes Fact

flyingsaucerIt’s interesting how science fiction writers are building our future language. I don’t know who started calling the outer security layer of space ships a shield. But that term will stick. When we do have space ships, they will have shields.

Later in time, when terms are forgotten for common things we take for granted now. Will people look back at us, at our current media, and create terms based on what they think we named things? Will dogs become known as bark, or barkers, because that’s what they think we called them?

Language evolves all on it’s own. It comes from people but over time it takes on a life of it’s own. We don’t have full control of the words in our culture. They change, evolve and are confused and even forgotten. Language is interesting.

Think of something that may one day actually exist and have it’s name from science fiction writers who could only imagine it a the time they named it.

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