Feeling like a Dinosaur

I’ve been feeling tired and sort of drained and lacking in spirit. So, I am going to be posting from my draft files – things I started and just needed some extra research or something to finish up for posting here. These are ideas I had but didn’t have time to finish. Good to have this sort of stuff for the days you have time but not the energy to dream up a new idea to begin.

Meanwhile, I’m deciding what to do with Word Grrls, the content I’ve got here and where I want to go. I need a new direction. Nothing too drastic but something that gives me room to grow, learn and make a different set of mistakes.

I’m tired of trying to do what we “should” do for tags, SEO, ads and all the rest. I never did like trying to fit in and do things the way other people think I should. Maybe that’s why I’m just not finding anything I really love about keeping a blog right now. It’s been awhile since I really broke someone’s rules for better blogging/ better living/ etc.

I had a really nice idea this afternoon but I’m going to let it grow on me before I make impulsive changes. It’s not extreme but would pull some fresh elements together.

For tonight… I might get to bed before midnight… well, before 3:00AM at least.

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