Feeling Almost Famous

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Add your blog to the pile. It seems I’m the only active editor in Weblogs these days. But, I’m slowly catching up on the submissions. My ultimate goal is to have 5,000 blogs listed (including resources, tools, etc.) I figure I’ll get there by the end of 2003.

Anyone interested in becoming an editor is welcome to apply. I have no say in who gets accepted.

Feeling Almost FamousBig Pink Cookie – Taking the Blah out of the Blog

People are actually reading my blog. I feel almost famous and at the same time I wonder what I’ve posted that I’ll regret later. Oh well, I’ll just focus on being famous.

Wouldn’t you like to be a diva too?

Blogitty Blogmovabletype.org

I emailed to Ben at Movable Type and it seems the killjoy in my blog loading is BlogRolling. So, it will have to wander off onto another part of my site or disappear altogether. You would think Blogrolling would have worked out any kinks with MT blogs by now.

Anyway, the site redesign is going slowly. I want to create magick but I’m not sure how to pull it off, technology wise. Well, more like personal brain power wise. I have most of the technology, I think.

One more MT related thing… I got the book today!! There I am on page #230. As if it would move around. 😀 I’m going to read the book and find out what else I can do with my bloggitty blog.

Make Over MadnessHerCorner.com | When writing feels like a sixth sense.

Does HerCorner need a facelift? Have I just been looking at it too many times, too long?

One more thing to think about. Katherine at HerPlanet is the site designer. She does a beautiful job. Have a look at HerSupport and the HerPlanet site itself. She has done others but I can’t think of which ones offhand.

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