Fed Up with the Cancer Mongers

There are too many warnings about what not to do to avoid getting cancer. I stopped reading all those warnings and I stopped worrying about the latest non-cancer fad food. If you want to live the paranoid life read How Not to Get Cancer and wall yourself off from life in case that gives you cancer. Good luck with that.

Here is my comment on the site:

I got really fed up with cancer warnings a long time ago. You’d have to stop breathing and actually be dead to avoid all the things that can give you cancer. My Grandfather and Grandmother are both dead from cancer but I’m still living and I’m going to keep living and breathing and using non-stick pans and not eating oatmeal every day or whatever the latest cancer fad is. In the long run you have to just live before you die.

Keep in mind this is also a blog created to test how well Entrecard is working as a blog promotion tool. As sincere as the topic and focus are, it is also about traffic and becoming famous. Does knowing that make you feel different about the blog and the information in it?

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