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How many men would wear one? I think it’s interesting. I remember the utility kilt from a couple of years ago. Not likely hot sellers due to a lot of stereotyping and fear of gayness. Still, they do look very unique. If he wears shorts, why not a kilt?

Andrea Chiu, a journalist currently working in Hong Kong. I blog about whatever I feel like, mainly media, music and what it’s like to be a displaced Canadian in this city.

Blogging Alliance of Non Partisan Canadians

I’d join but you’re expected to list an enormous blogroll on your site. Far larger than I’m willing to consider. Easily triple my own blogroll. Some people need to go back to the webring idea and work their way from there. Space is not THAT free. At the very least it would be far too cluttered looking.

It’s Tomorrow Already

I am tired. How many people are tired over the average day? I bet a large percent of the population wakes up tired, goes to bed tired and wonders how they keep plodding along.

I’m not feeling gloomy, just tired. Zack is here. We decorated a dozen eggs. We played Crazy Eights. He monopolized my computer. I would have read a book but he likes me to watch his game so I read about a page in an hour. It bugged me a teeny bit, I admit. But, overall, I was glad for him to be here and happy in himself. He came out (I drove to Newmarket and picked him up) cause he was having a nasty blowout with his step-Dad. No point in going into details. Anyway, I’m too tired to type all that now, plus work up the energy and brain wave activity to work up a proper rant.

Night night. Hope your bed bugs all bite in a pleasant way.

The house was left; the house was deserted.
It was left like a shell on a sandhill to fill with dry salt grains now that life had left it.

Virginia Wolf

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