Fare Thee Well 2006!

I’m not back at the Beaches, I stayed with my sister thinking Graham was going to show up for a New Year’s Eve Something or Other at InPlay tonight. He didn’t though. He often says one thing and then says something else totally opposite the next day. It makes it difficult to know where you stand and what to expect.

Anyway, for New Years Eve, last day of 2006 I am at least warm and dry. I know others are out there who don’t have that. It’s a bone chilling cold and rainy night here tonight. The weather has been lovely and mild for this time of year, but in the evening it gets pretty cold.

What are other people doing tonight? Some will be standing around outside at a ball dropping type party. Some will be drinking too much and hopefully not topping it off by driving home. Someone will be born tonight, we will hear about that first baby of 2007 later. I like to listen for that, to see where they came from – both the first in the world and the first for Canada and the first for Ontario too if I happen to see that mentioned too. Nice to think about a new person just starting out. How will it be for them to have a birthday on New Year’s Day?

Some people will be with family and wishing they weren’t. Some will be glad to see people they may not have seen all year, or longer. Some people will be alone and sad. Some will be in the middle of a huge crowd and yet feel alone and very lonely. Some will be on first dates, maybe blind dates. Some will be visiting aging relatives and wondering how much time they will get in 2007. Some people will be looking forward to a lot of great plans they have made for the year ahead. Some people will be starting a new business, planning a great trip, or building something – better than home renovations.

I hope everyone has something wonderful and shiny to look forward to in 2007. Whatever has been going on in your life, good and not so good, you’re still here. You still have the opportunity to live, to see life and be a part of it. No one will say it’s always easy (though it may seem that way when you look around at other people – but you only see the surface of their lives, just a skimming of what’s really there for them). Keep going and even if nothing changes you are still here in case it does.

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