Fantasy Names

Think up some fantasy names for characters. You don’t have to take them seriously, you never have to actually use them, just have fun creating them. Once you start, you’re going to be hooked! If you need a place to start remember, names are often based on a job someone was doing. Go from there.

  • Tree Bookhead
  • Tommy Deadwood
  • Shyla Wandwarner
  • Chey Wartgrabber
  • Bugsby Riverwinder
  • Elvensham Newtman
  • Angus Sapgrinder
  • Twillia Meadowlark
  • Ezekial Headtail
  • Ickabod Mouseshucker
  • Beardsley Wormcatcher
  • Imanda Toestubber
  • Petunia Potslammer

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