Famous Canadian Women You’ve Never Heard Of

We are making goodies for Thanksgiving dinner today. Sitting with a coffee in the kitchen while my cheesecake cooks I began browsing through a book about Canadian Heroines. It’s sad how many of these women I have never heard of.

In the US they seem to have a lot about their own history and the people in it. They learn in school about famous US men and some of the women too. In Canada we also learn a lot about world history, not so much our own though. When I was in high school you had the option of picking Canadian Literature, Canadian History and so on. Why wait till then? In University and College you come across courses about Canadian Women in History and other more narrowed down areas of interest. But, why do we have our people and our history shoved aside so that it has to be found? Does anyone know about Emily Stowe, Harriet Brooks, Maude Abbott or Alice Wilson? Those are all Canadian women.

Anyway, a nice time of year to think of some of these Canadian women. A time of year when things are settling down for winter. People are planning and cooking for family dinners together. Some are packing up the car and some are packing away things that were cluttering up the dining room. I hope everyone has family they can spend some time with, on the phone through an email or whatever is available. But, even if you feel you are alone, you’re not. We are all Canadians and we all have that in common with the Canadians here now and those forgotten long before we came around.

When you have your Thanksgiving, give thanks to Canadians. As Red Green says… “we’re all in this together”.

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