Family is Like a Car Crash

My Mother is coming home from Florida today. For me that means I have to catch up on the cleaning I’ve been neglecting. Not that it matters. Soon after she comes in the door she will start doing it all over again. I’ve come to see this as reclaiming her territory. I can’t see how I could do such a poor job that she would need to do everything over again. So, it just makes sense that she does it all for some other reason. The territorial thing is the reason I came up with.

She is mostly here to see the new baby. My sister had Roxanne Claire about a month ago. Her older brother, Zack, picked the name Claire.

Anyway, I’m still out of commission with this cold and lack of a speaking voice. The coughing is really killing me. I’m starting to really think I will cough up a lung, not just kidding about it any more.

But, a little thing like that isn’t going to keep me from going out. Besides, I really do need to gas up the car and pick up an asthma inhaler. While I’m out I’ve decided to treat myself to Swiss Chalet. Not that it’s in the grand scheme of things budget. But, if I don’t treat myself who will?!!

About Christmas, since you asked… I lost my voice, crashed my car (no damage luckily) and no one gave me anything for Christmas. I brought over all the presents I bought for them and the buns I made (from scratch) for the dinner. I thought I would have at least a couple of gifts to open. I was surprised and a bit disappointed. But, being me, I said nothing.

Anyway, on to the New Year. Surely it can only get better, right?

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